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The Conception of the Maine State Bird and Flower

The Conception of the Maine State Bird and Flower

The state bird of Maine is called the Chickadee and lives in the wooded areas throughout the state of Maine. The Chickadee is a small bird and is seen in many back yards in Maine at a variety of bird feeders and bird watering areas. The weather in Maine can become very harsh in the winter time and the Chickadee state bird is kept warm by its thick body and plenty of feathers on its short body and neck. For a small bird of only 5 inches it is decorated beautifully from head to the end of its feathers. The chickadee state bird of Maine has colors on its body ranging from black, gray, blue and large eyes that are of a brown color.


It was back in the year of 1927 when the state of Maine decided that their state bird would be the chickadee. Many birds such as the geese will migrate to a warmer climate when the weather becomes cold and harsh, but the chickadee is not a migratory bird. Due to its thick body it is well adapted to the harsh weather of winters in the state of Maine.


The chickadee has a variety of calls that it will make when needing to contact another chickadee, or to alarm other chickadees of impending danger or to give important information to a flock of chickadees. The chickadee stays mainly in the northern part of the United States and Canada and they have a diet of both plants and animals. They will also store food in the crevices of dead logs during the winter and know exactly every place they stored the food and will keep the stored food for a month or longer.


The state of Maine adopted the white pine cone back in 1945 as their special state flower even though the white pine cone does not produce any flowers. Maine is the only state that does not actually have a flower but instead has a pine cone to represent the state of Maine. The white pine tree as it grows older the bark becomes thicker. Some trees can age from 200 years to over 400 years and can become very large, growing as tall as 80 to 100 feet with the cones growing from 3 inches to 10 inches. The white pine cone represents Maine by decorating clothes, dishes and is used for holiday decorations.


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