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Spring Breakers are Junior Snowbirds

Spring Breakers are Junior Snowbirds

In case someone has never heard the term ‘Snowbird’, this pertains to a person or persons who embrace the warmer climates during the cold winter months in the Northern United States. Snowbirds are northerners who live the winter months in states where there is no snow and has warm weather during the northern winter months.

Students who venture to the warmer states during spring break from school, leave the colder states during the end of the winter months, just going into spring. Students who go to southern states to embrace the warm weather are known as Jr. Snowbirds. It is felt that these students who embrace the warmer weather while they are young are going to appreciate the warmer climate when they hit retirement age.

As a rule snowbirds mostly venture to the state of Florida, namely Daytona, Ft. Myers, Orlando, Clearwater Beach, and Key West are some of the hot spots for Jr. Snowbirds. Anywhere students gather for spring break are popular destinations. Florida seems to be the most popular due to the ocean and the many attractions calling students there for fun and enjoyment. There are many other destinations other then Florida, such as any number of islands in the Caribbean, like St, Maartens, or St. Thomas. No one should rule out California as a possible sun spot.

While many students on spring break get a bad review for being rowdy and obnoxious, many of the seasoned snowbirds report that the majority of students really enjoy talking to the seniors and visa versa. Seniors report nothing but good manners and behaviors from the spring breakers, saying that they are very polite and enjoyable to be around.

No matter where the student decides to enjoy spring break they will surely be mingling with the seasoned snowbirds, because they seem to be tied together as kindard spirits, enjoying fun in the sun. Both generations looking for a good time.

So, in the end are these dedicated spring breakers preparing for their futures as true snowbirds? Truth be known, these snowbirds of today were no doubt junior snowbirds in their younger years. Everything seems to cycle in life. The junior snowbirds of today will some day be on the beach enjoying retirement and mingling with the future juniors in good time, remembering what their life was like as a student on spring break. They will come to the conclusion that very little has changed for them, other then they are now able to be snowbirds full-time, and of course older and wiser.

From all the reviews in regards to snowbirds and Jr. Snowbirds, they are getting along especially well, and mingle well, probably because both groups have a special love for fun in the sun, and in the end do have a lot in common.